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 At Socially Responsible Marketing, we believe that when you do something great, you deserve to be recognized for it.  So that feeds what we do, we want to inspire companies to do something great.  In return, we also help you to grow your business through that recognition.  It really is a wonderful cycle.  

Why does anyone need Socially Responsible Marketing?  If your company donates more than $5000 a year, it is almost certainly for one of these three reasons: 1) you want the write-off; 2) you care personally about a cause; or 3) both.  Not many small to mid-size companies have both a community relations and marketing department.  At Socially Responsible Marketing Inc., we offer consulting and marketing strategy development for small to mid-size companies seeking to jump-start stagnant sales or launch something completely new.  We harness the power of your unique selling proposition, company culture, and social responsibility to set you apart from the competition and make you buzz worthy.  Simply writing a check won’t build your brand or its sales, but giving it a greater purpose will.

As a company, you have the ability to leverage your available resources (personnel, expertise, relationships, influence, media exposure, funding and more…) to create a positive impact for the community/society that makes your success possible.  Let’s do something great!


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